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DIGCOMP, presents a detailed framework for the development of digital competence of all citizens. The framework is the output of a wide stakeholder consultation. It consists of detailed descriptions of all competences that are necessary to be proficient in digital environments and describes them in terms of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Three proficiency levels are suggested for each competence. The report provides as well a self-assessment grid for mapping digital competence levels.
To access the DIGCOMP Framework:


Ready to test your digital skills? Follow this link to the IKANOS survey:
This tool was developed by the Basque Government and the questionnaire aims to provide you with a personalised appraisal of your digital profile as a citizen. Our project will make use of this tool in order to gain more insight to what the needs of our target group in regards to young people at risk. The questionnaire has a precise structure which is based on the European framework of digital competences drawn up by a team of international experts. Upon completion, the survey takers receive personal results which appear in the form of a control panel; the report is also available for download.


Are you a student with an interest in digital and entrepreneurial skills? Then join the EPP Study visit where will be debating how digital and entreprenurial skills can be taught and how to apply them to the job market:


An EU funded project focusing on Gamified Training for Successful Commercialization of Young SMEs’ Innovation. Gamification approach to learning design will help to make INN-COMMERCE training a productive and fun experience. Find out more.


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