Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V.

VHS Cham provides courses in the field of society, vocation, languages, health culture and special courses (second chance schools and literacy programmes for young people with fewer opportunities or those who did not finish school in regular time). The majority of the activities is directed towards young people, unemployed persons, including long-term unemployed and who want to change qualifications. VHS provides guidance, counselling and vocational information as well as training in order to get new qualification adjusted to the labour market.


Tecnalia Research & Innovation (TECNALIA) are for Technology & Society Area assists public administration in reducing the digital gap by bringing Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) closer to citizens and small enterprises, and facilitating their use. This aim is furthered through initiatives geared towards advice, training and dissemination; the certification of knowledge and competences; and the promotion of process digitization within organisations.


Tknika is an Innovation Institute for vocational training established by the Vice-Ministry of Education of the Basque Government. It was created in 2005 to promote innovation in Vocational Education Training and Lifelong Learning in the Basque Country. The organisation concentrates on projects which are innovative and focused on the acquisition and transfer of knowledge.

University of Lodz

The concept of lifelong learning has important place in the institution’s mission. They address educational offers according to demands of a society as a whole by establishing new forms of passing knowledge and targeting all age groups and various sectors. Their objective is to support learning process with the activities on the educational platform and promote modern methods of teaching.

Language Education and Partnerships LTD

LEAP offers a range of educational and training services for learners, trainees and educators in the context of non-formal and informal education. Their offer extends from foreign language and culture classes for learners of all ages, to professional development training events for established and aspiring teachers and educators, both in the UK and in Europe. Their mission statement: Promote professional standards in learning and teaching in the context of education through sustainable networks and collaborations.


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